27-29 Apr 2017: Call for papers, Professionalism in a Challenging System: Can Humanism Nurture Health Professionals’ Contract with Society? 5th Annual APHC Conference, Chicago, Illinois

Call for Papers!

Academy for Professionalism in Health Care, 5th Annual Conference, April 27-29, 2017. “Professionalism in a Challenging System: Can Humanism Nurture Health Professionals’ Contract with Society?

Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown, Chicago, Illinois

We are requesting abstract submissions for presentations in all areas of professionalism research, education, assessment and remediation. This year’s conference will focus on the overlapping and interacting concepts of humanism and professionalism in medical education, and we are especially interested in submissions examining:

Ø Conceptual or empirical work on the definition of humanism and its relationship to professionalism

Ø Conceptual or empirical work that explores the effect of humanism on health professionals (such as maintaining interest and avoiding burnout) and its effect on patients and society

Ø Designs for teaching aspects of humanism and its relationship with health professionals, patients, and society

Ø Novel issues arising in the area of humanism in education, health professionals’ practices, and/or society

Ø Educational research, and innovations in professionalism education, assessment and remediation

Please note, in addition to submissions consistent with our humanism theme, we encourage submissions on innovations in all areas of professionalism research, education, assessment and remediation. 

Presentation Formats

Ø Oral Presentations: 30 minute presentations describing conceptual and practical elements of humanism education and its use in practice. Oral presentations are expected to present data or raise and address new/novel questions toward meeting clearly defined objectives.

Ø Panel discussions: 60 minute presentations by a panel of speakers focused on why and how humanistic practice and education affect the well-being of health professionals and patients, and the impact of such practices on society. Panel discussions are expected to be interdisciplinary and explore various facets of a single topic.

Ø Workshops: 90 minute sessions that describe and/or demonstrate ways to cultivate a culture of humanism in healthcare practices and/or education, including faculty development through education and/or assessment. Workshop sessions are expected to be interactive and teach processes or methods that potentially can be adopted by audience members.

Ø Posters: will be presented at scheduled poster sessions that describe research or innovative educational initiatives, or offer visual depictions of conceptual work in areas of the conference theme.

Submission Process 

Submissions should be completed using the 3-page “APHC 5th Annual Conference Proposal Form” which can be found on the APHC website: www.academy-professionalism.org. Multiple submissions are welcome. Proposals may be in Word, PDF, or RTF formats and should contain the following information in this order:

1. author(s)

2. affiliation

3. email address

4. phone number

5. title of abstract

6. body of abstract

7. presentation preference (see format options above)

All submissions will undergo blind peer review. The APHC will provide a non-Apple laptop computer with Power Point and Internet capabilities with standard connections and power sources. Other AV needs including speakers, special cable hook-ups, and Apple computers will be presenters’ responsibility. 300-word proposals should be submitted by midnight Friday, December 23, 2016 (Extended Deadline) to: Abstracts@Academy-Professinalism.org

Deadline: Midnight Friday, December 23, 2016 (Extended Deadline)

Please attach and send your APHC Conference Proposal Form to:


 2017 Program Co-Chairs Gia Merlo, MD, MBA: Rice University; Baylor College of Medicine and Neil J. Farber, MD, FACP: University of California, San Diego