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Linguistic Correction

SamiaSamia Cherfaoui, BSc, MA, has a Bachelors degree in pharmaceutical sciences (2012), a new program of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal, and a master in Bioethics (2014). Her masters research focused on the inadequacy of the consent process regarding the expansion of personalized medicine and the introduction of  new genetic technologies in the clinic. She recently began PhD-level studies in a microprogram called « Analyse et évaluation des services, organisation et système de santé (AnESOSS)» to supplement her training. She was an intern in the Department of Pharmacogenomics at the Institute of Cardiology of Montreal as part of a project on the pharmacogenomics of warfarin. Also, she is currently a tutor in French at Collège Ahuntsic. Competing Interests: none declared

Sylvie LesperanceSylvie Lespérance, MD, received her medical degree from the Université de Montréal in 1984 and completed a DESS in Bioethics in the School of Public Health at the same institution in 2015. She has practiced family medicine for 30 years at the Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal (HSCM). Sylvie is also medical examiner for complaints in several health institutions, a function that combines clinical expertise and communication skills in order to maintain the credibility of the complaints process with a view to continuously improving the quality of care and services to users. Member of the HSCM Clinical Ethics Committee for several years, she assumed responsibility for the committee in April 2015. It is a result of her interest in bioethics and love for her mother tongue that she contributes as corrector of French texts. Competing interests: none declared

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Loubna AffdalLoubna Affdal, has a DEC in science and is currently bachelor’s student in « Langues, Littératures et Civilisations Britannique et Americaine » at the University Paris V René Descartes, in France. During her free time, Loubna is a violinist and a tutor in Biology, French and music theory. Competing interests: none declared


Anais KassardjianAnais Kassardjian, BSc, GrDip, is a Communications Agent and Departmental Assistant at CBC Montreal. With a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Communications, she aspires to be a science communicator who engages and entertains various audiences with science. Anais has worked in the Communications Department of the CHUM Research Centre where she managed the Centre’s website and social media, helped organize fundraising events, and promoted scientific news. She then took on some freelance work as webmaster for CloudRaker, a Montreal-based marketing agency, and is now working full-time for the CBC Montreal and Quebec offices. Competing interests: none declared

BrynWJ-2015-smBryn Williams-Jones, PhD, is Full Professor and Director of the Bioethics Program, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health (ESPUM) at the University of Montreal. An interdisciplinary scholar trained in Bioethics, Bryn is interested in the socio-ethical and policy implications of health innovations in diverse contexts. His research also examines the conflicts that arise in academic research and professional practice with a view to developing ethical tools to manage these conflicts when they cannot be avoided. Bryn heads the Research Ethics and Integrity Group. Competing interests: Bryn currently supervises (or has supervised in the past) many of the members of the editorial board.